Water Restrictions

Level 5 Water Restrictions from 5 April 2020

The general manager of Central Tablelands Water (CTW), Gavin Rhodes, has advised that CTW implemented Level 5 Water Restrictions from 5 April 2020 across the entire water supply network.
Mr Rhodes said: “although we have received some much welcomed rain recently in the region, unfortunately the storms have been isolated and not in the Lake Rowlands catchment area. The current level of Lake Rowlands has just reached 35%, which is our trigger point for Level 5 water restrictions. With the temperatures cooling off our demand is slowly reducing, however, with the possibility of no inflows in the near future, we could potentially be at our Level 6 water restriction trigger point of 30% within an 8 to 10 week period.”
“We are currently working closely with our neighbouring Councils and NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment – Water to implement strategies to receive potable water under emergency circumstances via our existing interlinking pipelines if required. We will also be working through water saving action plans with our industrial and commercial customers, to further assist in saving our precious resource,” Mr Rhodes said.
CTW’s chairman, Cr David Somervaille said, “From a regional perspective, it has been very pleasing to see the collaboration between neighbouring local water utilities assisting each other during this prolonged drought. Throw in the challenges of COVID-19, and it amplifies the importance of us all working together to get through these unprecedented and extraordinary times.”
Level 5 restrictions consists of the watering of gardens on Sundays only either between 7am and 9am or 4pm and 6pm for a maximum of 1 hour in total. Watering of lawns is not permitted. All information pertaining to the requirements of Level 5 Water Restrictions is available on CTW’s website at www.ctw.nsw.gov.au or by contacting the CTW administration office on 02 6391 7200.
CTW will continue to closely monitor the level of Lake Rowlands and implement strategies to gain access to the dead storage of the dam in the future.
CTW would like to thank its consumers for their continued understanding during this period of unprecedented drought and the importance of using water wisely.
Level 5 water restrictions for the entire CTW supply network came into effect from 5 April 2020.


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